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Webinar: Q1 SaaS Data Insights

Latest benchmark data, trends & insights from more than 3,500 SaaS vendors and 1,000 companies. Uncover the state of B2B software and get actionable insights month-on-month.
  • bradcirclesmall

    Brad van Leeuwen

    Co-Founder & COO at Cledara

  • robcirclesmall

    Rob Glickman

    CMO at Cledara

  • raycirclesmall

    Ray Rike

    Founder & CEO at RevOps Squared

The second largest expense after payroll is software.

Yet very few data points are readily available to analyze vendors and understand the SaaS-buying lifecycle. Topics vary month-to-month based on what's top of mind. Primarily, we'll cover:

SaaS Leaderboard
Top performing vendors, categories and what this means for your business.

Strategies for investing in the right software
Promoting transparency and accountability through subscription and spend management best practices.

Ways of maximizing your software ROI
Cost-cutting measures, which industries, departments and tools are currently driving decreases and/or increases.

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Meet the panel:


Brad van Leeuwen

Co-Founder & COO

Brad has over 20 years of experience in building fintech products as well as advising and investing in tech startups globally. Prior to Cledara, Brad scaled GTM and led partnerships for BaaS unicorn railsr and emerging markets neobank dopay. Prior to dopay, he was a principal at the EBRD, where he made numerous early-stage investments in fintech and financial services. 

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Rob Glickman

Chief Marketing Officer

Rob is a Silicon Valley CMO and investor with a wealth of knowledge from leading technology companies such as PayPal, SAP Cloud, and Airbase. Rob has a deep understanding of the SaaS landscape and the challenges that come with it, including that the right combination of people, processes and tech can lead to great outcomes. 

Ray Rike

Ray Rike

Founder & CEO

Ray's objective is to improve team alignment and understanding of what success means at the next stage of company growth. To achieve this, RevOps Squared defines, instruments, and measures Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that are benchmarked against companies with varying revenue sizes, ranging from $1M to $100B+.

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